Saturday assorted links

1. Economist Hans Stoll has passed away.

2. Who are the workers most needing support and how can we get cash to them?

3. Recommended occupational licensing reforms.  And Certificate of Need and nurse practitioner laws.  And the case for relaxing pharmacy regulations.

4. Why did U.S. testing get so held up? (quite good)

5. Covid-19 forecasting site from The Future of Humanity Institute, Oxford.

6. How slim are restaurant margins?

7. Mercatus “Way Forward” suggestions.

8. On why the German death rate is lower.

9. New Haven asks for coronavirus housing help, Yale says no.

10. Are Italian deaths being undercounted?  And it seems Spanish deaths are being undercounted (in Spanish).

11. Japan now admits the situation there is much worse than had been recognized.

12. The self-isolation culture that is royal Thai.

13. Boom times for boredom.

14. “History will not absolve Bolsonaro.

15. Rhode Island police go after New Yorkers seeking refuge (Bloomberg).


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