Sunday assorted links

1. Expose the young.  A version of the UK idea.  Not my cup of tea, but…

2. Martin Gray: “The dirtiest things in restaurants are the menus, the sides of the bottles of condiments on the tables, and the handles on the doors of the bathrooms. This has been repeatedly studied and absolutely proved by scientific studies.”  Here is a related article.  And here is a Tom Lehrer song.

3. GitHub coronavirus resources.

4. Maybe travel restrictions don’t really help.

5. Is Italy worse because so many younger people live with their parents?

6. How to speak to your family and persuade them, an excellent thread.  What love now means.

7. Sam Altman wishes to fund Covid-19 projects, very good to see.

8. Saez and Zucman government as buyer of last resort proposal.


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