Thursday assorted links

1. India database on Covid-19.

2. Jerry Brito’s feed of newstories on coronavirus.

3. David Beckworth on the Fed and direct cash transfers.

4. Ozimek and Lettieri propose emergency loans for small businesses.

5. Bohemian Rhapsody, but about the coronavirus.  Recommended, for those who care.

6. “OKZoomer Is a New Dating Service for Quarantined College Kids.

7. New version of the seen vs. the unseen.

8. Scott Sumner on Herbert Hoover.

9. Five books on plagues and pandemics.  By Sarah Skwire.

10. Music streaming is falling because of coronavirus.

11. What is up with coronavirus in Japan?  Why so little?  Or is it about to strike?

12. Coronavirus Tech Handbook.

13. Mossad pulls in many test kits.


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