Thursday assorted links

1. Less Wrong coronavirus database (now upgraded).

2. My 2017 video on The Great Reset.  And David Wright podcast on how Covid hits the poor.

3. MIE: In Beijing restaurants “many delivery orders now often include cards listing the names and temperatures of all the staff involved in preparing your food.”

4. The limits of infrastructure stimulus.  And the case against airline bailouts.  And database of state quarantine regulations.

5. Paul Romer’s simulations for tests and targeted isolation.  And more from Romer.  And a third Paul Romer simulation: even an eighty percent false negative rate helps fight a pandemic.  I’ll be writing more on this soon.

6. Health and pandemics econ working group.  And Senegalese music video.

7. “This paper examines the puzzling phenomenon that many Chinese liberal intellectuals fervently idolize Donald Trump and embrace the alt-right ideologies he epitomizes.

8. Cheap mechanical ventilators?

9. Someone wise once told me that you get into the most trouble/controversy making statements that (pretty much) everyone agrees with.  Here is my Bloomberg column on university endowments, which endorses the policies of virtually all elite universities, and by extension their presidents and boards.  Or for that matter virtually all businesses that have had to opt for lay-offs.

10. The problems of post-acute care.

11. During the shutdown, the creativity pours forth (Joseph’s Machines).

12. UK fiction sales surge, most of all long classics.

13. Covid-19 seems to be most dangerous across Italian-speaking Swiss cantons, then French-speaking cantons, then German-speaking, big differences.


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