Tuesday assorted links

1. Further evidence for the importance of female role models: “We find that, among high-ability female students, being assigned a female professor leads to substantial increases in the probability of working in a STEM occupation and the probability of receiving a STEM master’s degree.”

2. Which Conversations with Tyler guest is your intellectual doppelgänger?  A fun test you can take.

3. “According to the researchers, consumers notice no difference when a quarter of the milk butter in a cake is replaced with larva fat. However, they report an unusual taste when it gets to fifty-fifty and say they would not want to buy the cake.”  Link here.

4. Krugman reviews Piketty (NYT).

5. Kevin Drum’s simple theory of DT’s optimism about the coronavirus.  And the economics of mandated sick pay.  And “Detroit to restore water service to unpaid homes to allow people to wash their hands to avoid coronavirus.


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