Tuesday assorted links

1. Extremely strong claims of intracellular neuronal computation.

2. Covid-19 preprints.

3. “The sizes of outbreak in provinces of mainland China mainly depended on the numbers of cases imported from Wuhan as the local reproduction numbers were low.

4. Does long hair belong in a clinical setting?  How about traveling with liquid hand sanitizer?

5. We need new legal protections that make it easier to discharge patients from hospitals.

6. Behavioral fatigue and social distancing.

7. Where testing stands.  The best and most thorough look I have seen at that question.

8. “TikTok Told Moderators to Suppress Posts by ‘Ugly’ People and the Poor to Attract New Users

9. Podcast with Kyle Harper on pandemics in Roman history.

10. An optimistic Israeli case that R0 will fall faster than we think.

11. Susan Athey and Dean Karlan on how to soften the blow on your local economy.

12. By a modest margin, voters approve of Trump’s handling of the crisis.

13. Dube’s unemployment insurance plan.

Sorry for so many links, but they are all worthy.


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