Tuesday assorted links

1. Michael Munger on state capacity libertarianism.

2. Confirmation of the mid-life dip in well-being?

3. Some back story on WHO.

4. The Netherlands  And the Swedish approach finally seems to be running up the death rate (of course don’t just judge short-term).

5. How drones can help fight the coronavirus.

6. U.S. figures out what is it drug supply chain by asking New Zealand (reminds me of the old Communist joke about letting NZ stay capitalist so they know how to price electricity).

7. New paper on fiscal policy responses to the pandemic.

8. Polling economists on the lockdown.

9. A new study claims that reinfections are simply cases that did not fully resolve (be very careful with papers of this sort in this genre!).

10. The Kinsa thermometer data (NYT).

11. Covid symptom tracker, self-report daily and contribute data to science.

12. Interview with biotech VC Bob Nelsen.


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