Friday assorted links

1. Balaji on heterogeneities and data integration.

2. Citizen’s handbook for nuclear attack and natural disasters.  Do we need a new version of this?

3. The Amazon: “We show that, starting at around 10,850 cal. yr BP, inhabitants of this region began to create a landscape that ultimately comprised approximately 4,700 artificial forest islands within a treeless, seasonally flooded savannah.”

4. How much distance do you need when exercising?  And against crowded spaces.

5. Dan Wang letter from Beijing in New York magazine.

6. Trump pushing to reopen by May 1.

7. Lots of new testing results from Germany, consider these as hypotheses but still a form of evidence.

8. Good and subtle piece on Tiger King (NYT).  And betting markets in everything.

9. The Vietnamese response seems pretty good so far.

10. Joe Stiglitz discusses his love of fiction (NYT)

11. Sourdough status-seeking.

12. Ronald Inglehart on the shift to tribalism.

13. Explaining the Fed lending programs.

14. MIT Press preprint of new Joshua Gans book on Covid-19, open for public comment.

15. What will the restart process be like?


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