Friday assorted links

1. Trying to re-open a restaurant in Wuhan (Bloomberg).  And why is there less panic in China?  And the coronavirus culture that is Maryland.

2. Covid-19 occupational risk scores (not sure how much information those are based on).

3. Patrick Wolff and Jason Tepperman on macroprudential business interruption insurance.

4. Why isn’t India doing worse?

5. The virus chasers of Massachusetts (NYT).

6. Profile of Alex Berenson, contrarian.

7. Positive Remdesivir results.  And criticism of said report.

8. Is the golden age of TV over, and if so why? (FT)

9. The “implicit temporary deregulation” of OSHA — good or bad?  What would gdp be if OSHA were right now exercising its intended powers?

10. How the wealthy are making do without staff, including a cameo by Martha Stewart (WSJ).

11. Some skeptical results on BCG vaccines.

12. New estimates on population prevalence, much higher than reported cases.

13. ““Just realised my soap wasn’t working because it’s literally a block of cheese,” she wrote.

14. Today is International Bat Appreciation Day.


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