Friday assorted links

1. What do we know about superspreader events?  And indoor transmission in China.  And what Arnold Kling has come to believe.

2. “We show irradiance and in particular solar zenith angle in combination with cloudopacity explain COVID-19 morbidity and mortality growth better than temperature.”  Interesting, though still more interpretation is needed there.

3. Covid-19 in Haiti.  And what is Wuhan like right now?

4. In Germany, they consult humanities scholars about how to end the lockdown.  And from a French philosopher.  And we need blogs back for the pandemic.

5. “Southern New Hampshire University, known for being on the cutting edge of collegiate learning, plans to slash tuition for incoming freshmen as it drastically revamps how it conducts on-campus learning beginning in the fall.As part of the changes, tuition will be cut 61%, from $31,000 to $10,000 starting in the 2021-2022 academic year.”  Link here.

6. No strong statistical evidence for the BCG vaccine claim.

7. Is the internet economy going to crash as the real economy shrinks?  Several interesting points in that one.

8. de Rugy and Kling on government-backed lines of credit for small business.

9. Bundled insurance markets in everything: “COVID-19 insurance comes free with food delivery in Hong Kong now.”

10. Thread on the meaning of the new NY results.

11. Toward a theory of Tyrone.

12. Test different recovery levers.  And Zeynep speaks sense.


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