Monday assorted links

1. 2007 Thomas A. Garett piece on the economics of the 1918 flu pandemic.  What else has been written on the macro side?

2. The economic impact of the 1918 flu on Brazil.

3. John Gray being John Gray (but “Second Life”??).

4. Economists studying the coronavirus (NYT).  and 2009 Becker-Posner short essay on the economics of pandemics.

5. Why Veneto did better than Lombardy (FT, less hospitalization is one reason).

6. Covid requests for everything: “Kaddish will be said by a group of people who currently have a mild case of Coronavirus and are together at the Prima Palace Hotel in Jerusalem (they are the only people who are legally able to Daven with a Minyan right now.”

7. Scott Adams, Covid-19 forecaster.

8. How Chinese apps handled Covid-19, excellent post.

9. The Covid culture that is middle-aged Pink Floyd fans from New Jersey.  You know you want to read this one.

10. MIT economics paper on ventilator rationing schemes, offers concrete proposals, not just BS.

11. “It’s not clear to me whether the divergent dynamics of epidemics will outweigh the homeostatic effect of human behavior.

12. Covid-19 has disrupted the progressives’ “organizing juggernaut.”

13. A South Korean exam with social distancing.

14. New NBER paper on Covid-19 and stock returns, and another.  And the curve is already flattening in NYC.

15. Japan finally declares state of emergency.  By the way, the mounds of evidence (testing data, not all public) are piling up against the “so many of us already have been exposed” theories.

16. Henry reviews the new William Gibson book.


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