Saturday assorted links

1. Is the RMB in decline?

2. Free app to report how you feel and thus generate data.

3. “I, basketball hoop” — It took Steph Curry five hours to assemble the hoop he bought (WSJ).  By the way, when they reboot the playoffs, can they arbitrarily insert the now healthier, re-formed Warriors and also Zion Williamson?  You know it would be good for the ratings.  (Putin picked Alekseenko to play in the Candidates tourney, so there is precedent.)

4. The (forthcoming) economics of academic webinars.

5. Why the new stimulus bill won’t help restaurants much.

6. Aggregated Smartphone Location Data to Assist in Response to Pandemic.

7. Keeping Covid-19 off the space station.  And trying to replicate Stone Age life (weird, interesting).

8. Robert Wiblin’s “good news take.”  Relatively speaking, that is.

9. That Navy boat they sent to NYC is a joke because its use is so overregulated (NYT).

10. A data-based estimate of how much hospitals are saving lives vs. Covid-19.

11. Potential problems with the new antibodies test.

12. Saku is now blogging, on tech and the future of the world (and more).

13. Why so little fantasy literature from Israel?

14. Human challenge studies to accelerate vaccine licensure.

15. The evolving drug trade in Berlin.

16. Italy also may be choosing viral status segregation (NYT).  And more on “the German exception” (NYT).


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