Saturday assorted links

1. MIE: “This Man Owns The World’s Most Advanced Private Air Force After Buying 46 F/A-18 Hornets.

2. Romer tweet storm states his plan.

3. What did Kerala get right?

4. Is American innovation speeding up? (WSJ)

5. Icelandic volcanoes yikes?

6. Non-exemplary lives (ouch).  And what do the humanities do in a crisis?

7. Instagram strippers (NYT).  And Bret Stephens: our regulatory state is failing us (NYT).

8. “Believe women,” selectively.

9. BloombergQuint on Alex and Shruti.

10. A proposal for releasing British young people (ever listen to early Clash?).

11. Arnold Kling annotates (and likes) my Princeton talk.

12. A Swede explains Sweden to an Israeli: “Some maintain that the Swedish policy can succeed only in Sweden, because of its distinctive characteristics – a country where population density is low, where a high percentage of the citizenry live in one-person households and very few households include people over 70 cohabiting with young people and children. Those are mitigating circumstances which the Swedes hope will work to their advantage.”


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