Saturday assorted links

1. How to take care of your green onions.

2. New U. Texas mortality projections model.  Here is an accompanying paper.

3. Spit tests seem to work pretty well relative to swabs.

4. Greg Mankiw’s mom, RIP.

5. Precht designs Parc de la Distance for outdoor social distancing.

6. “We are the neurotypicals of the COVID-19 world.

7. Weird Italy numbers.

8. A history of unemployment insurance.

9. “Outpacing the Virus: Digital Response to Containing the Spread of COVID-19 while Mitigating Privacy Risks,” by Glen Weyl,

10. They are the Chinese restaurant road trippers.

11. Measured effective reproduction numbers for various states (please note this comes with the usual data problems!).  Will social distancing get these much below 0.8?  I found this link to be quite pessimistic in its implications.


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