Thursday assorted links

1. Haircuts for airlines.  And time to prepare for voting by mail.

2. David Piling (FT) wonders whether India and Africa should do full lockdown.

3. Redundancy, not reshoring, is the key to supply chain security.

4. “Our classification implies that 34 percent of U.S. jobs can plausibly be performed at home.

5. Why was it so hard to raise the coronavirus alarm? (the yappers are one reason, btw — are you one of them?)

6. Under these calculations, an average coronavirus death in China means 11 years lost, 16 years lost in the United States.

7. The true CPI just jumped.

8. Are the new testing kits going to be sent to the American South, which has fewer measured cases?  Where should they be sent?  A good piece.

9. Economist Eric Budish on viewing R less than 1 as a fundamental economic constraint.

10. Overnight, Magnus Carlsen just revolutionized the future organization of chess play.  This will become the new normal.

11. Social distancing tips from a hermit.  “Keep track of something” is a good one.

12. How are the Amish adapting to shuttered schools?

13. Marginal Revolution University landing page for economic resources on coronavirus.

14. Peter Attia/Michael Osterholm podcast on Covid-19.


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