Thursday assorted links

1. “We are at a critical juncture for the market.”

2. Pandemic insurance for Wimbledon cancellation.

3. Borjas on who is undertested, from NYC data.

4. Japanese cook draws every meal he eats.

5. How to close a bag of chips with no clip.

6. Latino incidence in NYC.

7. How is the Swedish approach working out?

8. Re-entry stickers for the Florida Keys — get the picture?

9. Stapp and Watney, masks for all.

10. Hong Kong quarantine diary.

11. How the Faroe Islands aced it (so far).

12. “Many brands are using keyword blocklists to stop their adverts appearing next to stories about Covid-19, meaning that even though news websites are getting record traffic from readers they are barely earning any money from the clicks.”  Link here.

13. The Pandemic Challenge, from Singularity University.

14. Will Covid-19 induce a decline in religiosity?

15. Taiwanese baseball with robot mannequins as fans.

16. The mortgage system is under very real threat.


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