Thursday assorted links

1. Why is the Eastern European response better? (WSJ)  And how are Swedish hospitals doing?

2. Further doubts on the LOA and Santa Clara serology stories, it now seems they really do not establish any particular results.

3. Why a vaccine will be tough, a depressing thread.  And are China’s early patients shedding coronavirus?

4. Ezra Klein on why we can’t build things.

5. Why two decades of pandemic planning failed.

6. New Joshua Gans book, Economics in the Age of Covid-19, MIT Press.

7. Hollis Robbins on why some saw this coming before others.

8. New Becker-Friedman Center podcast on Pandemic Economics.

9. Various forms of presenting state-level data.  What exactly is going on with Ohio?

10. Are we prepping for vaccine state capacity?

11. Department of Why Not?: “Former Labradoodle breeder tapped to lead U.S. pandemic task force.

12. The couple that meets on the German-Danish border during lockdown (NYT).

13. The Fed and saving cities (NYT).


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