Tuesday assorted links

1. Personal unemployment savings accounts.

2. “We find that [British] individuals living in regions in which local labor markets were more substantially affected by imports from China have significantly more authoritarian values.

3. “Residents in Republican counties are less likely to completely stay at home after a state order has been implemented relative to those in Democratic counties. We also find that Democrats are less likely to respond to a state-level order when it is issued by a Republican governor relative to one issued by a Democratic governor.”  Link here.

4. Could it be that scientists are dramatically rising in status? (NYT)

5. Pharma prices are not too high (usually).

6. Why are there so few heart attack patients right now? (NYT)  Even fewer than you might think, it seems.

7. Very substantive Colin Camerer interview.

8. Josh Angrist video on randomized trials, for Marginal Revolution University (which is seeing sky high traffic as of late).

9. The ongoing delays in testing (NYT).

10. “This NJ deli serves sandwiches on giant pickles instead of bread.

11. New journal publishes replication studies in economics.

12. Neil Ferguson interview, do we have an exit strategy?

13. New paper on suicide by Covid-19?

14. GDP loss estimates for Covid-19.

15. Omidyar Network India, rapid grants.

16. Michael Rosenwald history of pandemics, WaPo, splendid visuals.


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