Tuesday assorted links

1. Estimating and classifying the labor market hit.

2. Watching Tucker Carlson is safer than watching Hannity.

3. Better governance is correlated with slower policy responses to Covid-19.

4. Tabulated data on asymptomatic infection rates.

5. Singapore getting much worse again (NYT).  And are hospitalizations decelerating in Sweden?

6. How the Belgians count Covid-19 deaths.  I call that one big nursing home fail, and I don’t just mean for Belgium.

7. Research paper with predictions for Stockholm.

8. Claims about heterogeneous strains — please use with extreme caution, I do not consider this verified, though it could be very important if true.

9. Study of France — only about 6% infected, other numbers too.

10. Covid-related deregulation on its way?

11. The Amish health care system.

12. The U.S. as insurer to the rest of the world during crises.


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