Wednesday assorted links

1. Air pollution is very bad for Covid-19 deaths (NYT).  Worse than had been thought.

2. U.S. vs. Europe.

3. Using mobility data to predict the growth of Covid-19 cases.

4. Allcott, Boxell, Conway, Gentzkow, Thaler, and Yang: “We then present new survey evidence of significant gaps between Republicans and Democrats in beliefs about personal risk and the future path of the pandemic.”  Recommended.

5. Averting the 1957 pandemic with a vaccine.

6. Why New Zealand is doing so well.

7. Coronavirus MIE: “A German fourth-tier club have sold more than 100,000 tickets for a match against an “invisible opponent” – despite averaging crowds of 3,000.”

8. How measles and coronavirus are interacting.

9. My Friday Princeton webinar on the economics and social implication of Covid-19, limited availability but you can sign up at the link.

10. Redux of my January 27 Bloomberg column on Covid-19.

11. A good thread on why contrarian views on Covid-19 probably are wrong.  By J.D. Vance, recommended.

12. Hundreds of Dr. Fauci-related products for sale.

13. It seems so far we have returned to the 1925 death rate in America.

14. Greenland vs. Covid-19.


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