Wednesday assorted links

1. Invite a llama or goat to your next corporate Zoom meeting or video call for under $100.  And new Oumuamua theory, but kind of boring.

2. Turning old shipping containers into mobile intensive care units.

3. Contemporary novels longer than 500 pages, some of them good.

4. Virtual macro seminar.

5. Critique of the IHME epidemiological model, recommended.  And a few more criticisms.  And here is Karl T. Bergstrom, very good points.  Recommended.

6. Update on French-speaking vs. German-speaking Swiss cantons.  File under “heterogeneities.”

7. “But the operation can be no longer than two hours as that is how long a rhino can be safely anaesthetised.”  It is hard to make a rhino.

8. Data on indoor outbreaks, striking results.  Outdoors seems pretty safe.

9. Zoo culinary coronavirus triage.

10. Asymptomatic study from Boston homeless shelter.


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