Friday assorted links

1, “New York acted as Grand Central Station for this virus…”  (NYT)

2. An “economics of epidemiology” paper incorporating Lucas-like mechanisms.

3. Who is at most risk from Covid?  A new study based on very good NHS data.

4. Further new data on transmission.  And useful overview of how Covid-19 “works.” Maybe it seems a little late in the game to be reading this kind of short survey piece, but it is actually the best one I’ve seen and it is quite up to date, recommended.

5. The Swiss-German border.

6. Sidewalk Labs abandons Google smart city plans.  And new coronavirus calypso (video and music).

7. Why are coronavirus survivors banned from the military?  How can that possibly make sense?

8. After reopening, people from neighboring states have been flocking to Georgia.

9. John Carmack defends the Imperial College codeCorrection: that was Carmack on IHME, here is Carmack on Imperial College code.

10. Epidemiological model from some data scientists at Stripe (but not a Stripe product).  Do you have any comments or suggestions for improvements for them?

11. Alex discussing vaccines on the Dan Proft show.  And Dan Wang on America can’t build any more (Bloomberg).


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