Friday assorted links

1. Paul Kedrosky assorted comments.

2. Thread on collider bias.

3. The Florida strategy.  Too early to say in my view, but still this piece is of interest.

4. “Magnus the platform” lets it rip.

5. America’s top spelling searches: in Virginia, they don’t know how to spell “Virginia.”  Recommended.

6. Volunteer history booming during the lockdown.

7. Mainstreaming Karl Marx.

8. Plexiglass vs. Plexiglas(TM).

9. The polity that is Dutch: grandmother ordered to delete Facebook photos.  At least they didn’t kill her.

10. A real smokescreen.  Really.

11. The new seroprevalence studies show relatively low rates of infection.

12. Fast Grants active at UC Berkeley.  Good coverage.

13. TreatEarly, a new biomedical initiative (possibly influenced by Fast Grants?), looks interesting note I have no direct knowledge of their work.


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