Monday assorted links

1. Opioid deaths appear to be surging.

2. Varun’s predictions about the future.

3. U.S. prison CFR simulator (by Paul Novosad).

4. Isaac Chotiner interviews Paul Romer.

5. You Can Now Get a Face Mask With Your Favorite Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars Characters. And price gouging could fix our mask shortage.

6. The friend number paradox.  And Hobbes and plague.

7. Brewing trouble in the mortgage market.

8. Matt Parlmer thread, recommended.

9. Report on Buffett and Munger.

10. Straussian Swedes?: “In my household my opinion counts for little, and she has continued to live her life pretty normally (her high-school classes went online, however).”

11. Doctors as innovators.

12. New ebook on the economics of WWII.

13. Are retirement homes 2/3 of all Spanish deaths?


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