Monday assorted links

1. Chess set markets in everything I can’t even tell if this is a joke (short video).

2. The situation in Kano, Nigeria’s second largest city, seems to be taking a turn for the worse (NYT).

3. The complexities of Ronan Farrow (NYT).  Amazing (but good) that they ran this.

4. Selection pressures and colliders in Covid-19 research, or is smoking really good for you?

5. “Bali’s unique governing structure of village committees has been credited with stemming the virus’s spread.

“The villages have a very strong influence on the community. Whatever the elders in the villages said, people will abide,” Ngurah Wijaya, adviser to the Bali Tourism Board, told Bloomberg News. “This has enabled the government to impose its policies down to the community level effectively.”

Villages’ awareness of residents’ whereabouts has also proved useful in contact tracing, and the island has banned outsiders since March.”  Link here.

6. What will Canadians (and others) do for public restrooms?

7. If you go by recent past history: “The overall estimated PoS for an industry-sponsored vaccine program is 39.6%, and 16.3% for an industry-sponsored anti-infective therapeutic.”

8. “Current advice to national statistical offices from the IMF, Eurostat and the UN is shown to result in downward bias in the CPI and upward bias in real consumption.


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