Saturday assorted links

1. Are the turning points of epidemics intrinsically unpredictable?

2. An increasing number of state governments are seizing unused gift cards as unclaimed property.

3. How much do work-related visitors predict coronavirus spread?

4. Jesús Fernández-Villaverde and Charles I. Jones now have a Covid-19 deaths tracker, very useful.

5. Six Covid-related deregulations to watch.

6. The variety of college plans.

7. Innate immunology? (NYT)

8. Deepak Lal has passed away.

9. A rogue pandemic view, speculative.  And Kelsey Piper on the IHME model, recommended.

10. Meara O’Reilly, Hockets for Two Voices, short distraction, by the way she is the daughter of Tim O’Reilly.


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