Sunday assorted links

1. The acquired immune system.

2. Latest update on Swiss cantons.

3. Maybe the smoking result is still holding up?

4. New Taiwan test and trace data.  Better and more relevant numbers than I have been seeing.

5. How did Covid-19 disrupt the Treasuries market?

6. Were WWI helmets in some ways better for blast protection than current helmets?

7. The NYT covers heterogeneities in Covid-19 cases and fatalities.  And here is the FT on Portugal vs. Spain.  And why is the Covid-19 death rate so low in Israel?

8. Control without information.

9. David Goldhill is upset.  My short summary would be: “Public health experts insist on RCTs except when it comes to their own policy recommendations.”  That’s right, isn’t it?

10. Richard F. Fenno, political scientist, has passed away, possibly of Covid-19.


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