Tuesday assorted links

1. What price Remdesivir?

2. Conor Sen catnip: “For example, people in New York travel 38% fewer total kilometers and visit 14% fewer block-sized areas than people in Atlanta.”  The paper has further interesting results.

3. What is the chance you know someone with coronavirus?

4. Pareto: the virtual start-up assistant.  A new product and company.  The founder is EV winner Phoebe Yao.

5. Case numbers and deaths in prisons, relative to what the models predicted.

6. A simple John Cochrane model of Covid-19.  And further commentary along similar lines.  Both recommended.  Again, we are actually getting somewhere with these.

7. Houllebecq on Covid-19.  And “How Yukon’s ‘one caribou apart’ physical distancing campaign became a sensation.


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