Wednesday assorted links

1. The problem with Covid-19 and immunity?

2. Podcast with Marc Lipsitch.  And Unherd interview with a German virologist (have not heard yet).

3. Excellent FT piece on liability issues.

4. The multiple virus strains hypothesis reemerges, caveat lector, please don’t get too carried away with this one, but worth a ponder.  And here is a WaPo piece on the surrounding debate.

5. When will cancelled sailings impact U.S. ports?

6. Henry Farrell on what the public wants.

7. Are the Swedes epidemiological nationalists?  (Might others be too?)  And I don’t understand this Peter Turchin post on Denmark vs. Sweden, but maybe you will?

8. How the debate about herd immunity should proceed.

9. Model this (Australian camel plunge, multi-camel plunge in fact).

10. How much contact is required for transmission?

11. How do the CRISPR tests for Covid-19 work? (pretty amazing stuff).

12. Are panviral defenses a real option? (NYT)

13. The Quebec plan for school reopening — feasible or not?


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