Saturday assorted links

1. Revision of the Correia, Luck, and Verner paper on the 1918 flu, with response to critics.

2. Tim Harford update.  And Tim Harford on whether the pandemic will help fix our innovation problem.

3. Why was New York State so badly hit by Covid-19?

4. “Even when controlling for density, counties with a high proportion of #Trump voters have lower cases and deaths.”  Link here.  And an argument that the protests increased net stay at home behavior.

5. Toto song played on TESLA coils.  Or maybe this link works better.

6. “Plastics.

7. Uhlig placed on leave as editor of JPE.

8. Possible evidence of different Covid-19 strains?  Not yet confirmed, use with care, but at least appears that it might be serious work.


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