Thursday assorted links

1. Can this be true? “The researchers found that several of the foster fathers were high-profile academics.”  It gets worse.

2. “Tannehill also stated during the mask discussion that since June 1, four different urgent care clinics in Oxford had reported a total of 162 positive COVID-19 cases from University of Mississippi students who do not live in Lafayette County.”  From fraternity events it seems.

3. Colours of currency map.

4. Is performative entrepreneurship behind the Great Stagnation?  And are academics complicit in this?

5. Physical encounters now seem to matter less for virus transmission.  That said, in New Jersey 12 percent of nursing home residents have died of Covid-19.

6. Rules for the NBA bubble (NYT).

7. Tenino, Washington prints its own currency.

8. New Marc Andreessen interview, excellent, lots of fresh material, contains lessons about updating as well.  By Sriram Krishnan, would get its own blog post if it would let me do “Control C” on the excerpts.


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