*Counterpart* (no significant spoilers)

Girardian television!  The basic set-up is that two similar, almost identical universes have branched from one, centered around Berlin.  And there is a (controlled and limited) path for tunneling from one world to another.  Some interaction ensues.  Solve for the equilibrium.  The Girardian equilibrium.  It joins David Cronenberg’s Dead Ringers as one of the true cultural explanations of Girardian thought, and yes there is an embedded and I would say largely true model in the plot, especially in season two.  Here is Wikipedia on the show.  It was too smart to last for more than two years on the air.  Excellent cast also, with the Whiplash drum instructor (J.K. Simmons) as the lead character(s), and the female lead from Rushmore (Olivia Williams) as his wife(s).


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