Sunday assorted links

1. As I had promised I would report, there is now an uptick in the seven day moving average for Covid-19 deaths, take a look.  Here is a claim that the increase is a reporting spike, due to previously unreported past deaths.  “54% of deaths reported in the week of July 11 ( if her data is correct) actually occurred over 2 months earlier.”  At the present time I am unable to confirm the actual distribution of numbers one way or the other — opinions and leads welcome!

2. Confederate descendants moved to Brazil to maintain slavery, and now there is pressure on them to stop displaying the Confederate flag.

3. Thread on the new Klein and Pettis book.

4. Is Shostakovich overrated or underrated?  (I say underrated.)

5. Markets in everything: Meet the company that sells your lost airplane luggage, recommended, excellent link.  It seems to be a natural monopoly as well.

6. Emily Hamilton on how the Tysons redevelopment is going.

7. Resurrection of some BCG results?


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