The Seen and Unseen: Rajagopalan and Tabarrok

On my recent trip to India, just before the world went into lockdown and disarray, Shruti Rajagopalan and I visited Amit Varma’s studio in Delhi to record an episode of his podcast, The Seen and the Unseen. Our paper, Premature Imitation and India’s Flailing State served as the jumping off point but we discussed a host of topics. I was pretty good. Shruti was on fire! Many important insights.

The Seen and the Unseen is one of my favorite podcasts. Amit is a brilliant raconteur and excellent interviewer. The episodes and books listed as relevant to our episode would form an good education in development economics. Other excellent interviews, to mention only a handful, include historian Manu Pillai on Kerala and the Ivory Throne and the Rebel Sultans of the Deccan, Madhavi Menon on the History of Desire in India and Anup Malani on Covid in India and the Lockdown.


("Shruti was on fire! Many important insights")

... would have been helpful to briefl mention at least one of these important insights in this plug for Shruti.
Unseen-insights of importance might prompt some skeptical readers here to question their actual importance.

Read the paper. That's why it was linked.

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Shruti's on fire, better throw him in the water

Good point. It is said to see our country being complicit in Beijing's regime's ruling cabal's aggression against the peaceful Indian people.
I support granting India territorial garantees and shipping military advisors and weapons ro India ro counter Beijing's aggression.

Thiago, mi amore
"The bishop of Lafayette, Indiana, has suspended a priest from public ministry for penning an essay saying that Black Lives Matter had betrayed the civil rights legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. and Frederick Douglass."
its a culty cult
Addie Rose Krug***

His essay railed against antifa. Which I guess makes sense because religious people have bias for believing in things that don't exist.

"Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence"

antifa doesn't exist? b.s.
they were wearing masks and wreckoning stuff long before the pandemic. check out portland see all the broken glass and what they did to that poor elk and the Vietnamese American fello/a

I understand it would be bad to send troops to Indochina in an elections year, but why not lease some nuclear weapons to our Vietnamese allies to stop Beijing's ruling cabal's aggression?

Maybe more than"premature" imitation, India had the bad luck that the whole postcolonial era coincided with the penumbra of wartime
"socialism" and the not yet discredited Soviet policy models.
Independence in the mid-Nineteenth Century would have been very different.

According to well-placed sources in Brazil, Mr. Guedes, the country's Economy Minister, has been bitten by a gdog. He has received the adequate treatment and has made a full recovery. The situation is under full control of the authorities.

Thiago, mi amore
so many people got shot in chicago over the weekend
the media can't even report an accurate number.

Mad dogs and Brazil-i-ans
Go out in the midday sun
The Japanese don't care to
The Chinese wouldn't dare to
Hindoos and Argentines sleep
Firmly from twelve to one
But Brazilians detest a siesta

It was not a mad dog at all. It was the Minister's family's dog, which was trying to escape.

+1 for this adaptation of Noel Coward.
And topped off with a Thiago comment-a.

Only Mr. Thongloun Sisoulith could go to Vietnam. Lao Prime Minister Thongloun Sisoulith has made a history-making visit to the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. He has had important talks with his counterpart, Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc, about state affairs. That visit consolidates the Socialist Republic of Vietnam role as the guiding force in Indochina.

Thanks for the referral to Amit's Podcasts. Sound most interesting.

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