Tuesday assorted links

1. Older people are less pessimistic about the health risks of Covid-19.

2. “…these results document that voting rights, when combined with elected, rather than appointed, chief law enforcement officers, can lead to improved treatment of minority groups by police.

3. “We find that opposing effects of patience (positive) and risk-taking (negative) together account for two-thirds of the cross-country variation in student achievement.

4. Covid summary update.

5. How the police think, good and highly relevant piece.

6. New criticism of the relevance of the T-cell immunity factor.

7. Amia Srinivasan on pronouns in LRB.

8. “I have identified 103 such professors who offer their public support of Trump through blogs, essays, op-ed pieces, public lectures, tweets, YouTube videos, and even a couple of trade books.


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