Wednesday assorted links

1. Michael Rosenwald 2013 prediction of what would go wrong with Twitter.  And from 2012.

2. That was then, this is now, Playboy edition (link is “safe for work,” as they say).

3. Bek Khosimov of Uzbekistan does a podcast with me; the subtitles in Uzbek are not yet ready, and here is Bek on Twitter.

4. Jaw-dropping crash in global fertility.

5. New and important and positive results on T-cell immunity.  Paper here, likely to prove the biggest and best news you have heard all day.  A strong and very cheering result.

6. Research paper arguing that de facto disease severity is declining due to lower viral load.

7. What we are learning about mutations and different strains.

8. Greg Caskey reviews Bruno Maçães on Belt and Road.


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