Saturday assorted links

1. “It is therefore reasonable to assume that life has evolved – or possibly began with – a universal computer that yet remains to be discovered.

2. Are cold storage requirements for vaccines a binding constraint?

3. New on-line magazine Works in Progress, very good people are behind it!  I will be covering this more.

4. Freddie Sayers questions Michael Levitt on his predictions.  Although he has been broadly right on some matters, I don’t think overall Levitt does so well.

5. “Nonetheless, this does feel like a little bit of a changing of the guard moment in the NBA — the Bucks did not feel compelled to consult LeBron James or Chris Paul before their decision not to take the court Wednesday.

6. The new Elon Musk stuff, explained in words.

7. ChicagoTeachersUnion, recommended, guess who thinks they will be running the Gulag?


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