Wednesday assorted links

1. “On November 9th, 2019 the Center for Genomic Gastronomy will install the Smog Tasting project in Hong Kong City Hall.  Citizens will be able to taste and compare a range of smog meringues collected from around the city considering the flavors, ingredients, and composition of Hong Kong’s atmospheric taste of place.”  Link here.

2. An example of objectionable “medical ethics” from blue-check Twitter: “The Russian vaccine gamble is reckless and foolish, whether ‘it works’ or not. Actually, the worst long-term outcome may be for the gamble to pay off, at the cost of decades of health care ethics ruined…”  I mean that might be true, but without argument or further calculation?  Really?  You can read the longer treatment here.

3. The llama cure for Covid-19?

4. Coasean bargaining over ransomware.

5. On-line version of a Donald J. Harris book on income distribution.


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