Monday assorted links

1. Might changes in proton density, spurred by solar wind, predict earthquakes?  If true, this would really be something.

2. Violates Godwin’s Law right upfront anyway speak for yourself!  I genuinely find such hostile intentions difficult to understand.

3. Will a growth drug undermine “dwarf pride”? (NYT).

4. Robin Hanson on how and why remote work will matter.

5. Economics of the energy transition.  Some subtle and underpromoted points in this one.

6. Why we can’t have good things: I am not sure how much public health experts are to blame for the problems in this article about why we don’t have home testing.  The FDA won’t approve it?  Do something about that!  (Where is the outcry, other than from Paul Romer?)  The American people aren’t ready for it?  Well, are they ready for the alternatives you are proposing?  Overall I found this NYT piece a depressing sign of American and perhaps also public health malaise.

7. Using banned cell phones for prison extortion by calling loved ones back home, excellent NYT piece, amazing investigative journalism.


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