Monday assorted links

1. Gottlieb and McClellan, both former FDA heads, call for accelerated vaccine approval for designated groups, without relaxation of broader standards (WSJ).

2. The perfection premium.

3. A time-lapse map of every nuclear explosion through 1998.

4. “We find no evidence of manipulation of Chinese COVID-19 data using Benford’s Law.

5. “We conclude that the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally generated public health costs of as much as $12.2 billion.

6. Open-air winter schools in New England, in pre-complacency times.

7. Life on Venus?  No one cares about that either…(NYT)  As a kid I was convinced there was life on Venus, and was never persuaded by the impossibility arguments.  So today (while this remains uncertain) I am feeling ever so slightly vindicated in one of my earlier specific beliefs.


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