Sunday assorted links

1. John Cleese on PC and wokeness.  I think the first comment is satire rather than serious, but one can’t be entirely sure these days.  The best-known Monty Python episodes these days are entirely acceptable, but some of the now lesser-known works are pretty…out there.

2. “Meanwhile, for-profit companies charge schools thousands of dollars for the training, making the active shooter drill industry worth an estimated $2.7 billion — “all in pursuit of a practice that, to date, is not evidence-based,” according to the researchers.”  Link here.

3. Ross Douthat on how many lives a more competent president would have saved (NYT).

4. Why don’t coaches/manangers adjust more?  A parable from the NBA, but with much broader applicability.  Note that sometimes the star player is the problem too.

5. Herd immunity thread.

6. New Chetty paper on macro and the pandemic.


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