Tuesday assorted links

1. Brazzaville.  Photos.

2. MIE: Monetizing the physiological data of squash players.  And the market doesn’t like it when journalists are killed.

3. Why Karachi floods.  And why are so many in Karachi asymptomatic?

4. You can’t call them neurotics if all of them are.

5. NYT covers Nakamura playing blitz chess on Twitch.  And coverage from The Conversation.  Magnus is number one anyway, so it is Nakamura who is the big winner from this new regime, and Caruana — who is now “just another very good player” — who is the big loser.

6. For better or worse, those “Big Pharma” companies do not seem to have pledged anything concrete about not accelerating Phase 3 for their vaccine trials.  It is amazing how gullible the intelligent world has become, if only a story makes them feel more intelligent, especially relative to you-know-who.

7. Why Broadway will be so slow to rebound.


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