Tuesday assorted links

1. Beetle technicianRat tickler: “it’s crucial for researchers to know whether the animals are having a positive or negative experience.”

2. No central original point here, but this paper is actually an extremely useful piece for understanding currency risk.  And Captain Beefheart’s ten commandments of guitar playing.

3. “Surprisingly, we document that innovation was resilient in the face of one of the largest financial crises in the U.S. history, suggesting that it is likely to be even more so during milder economic recessions.”  Link here.  One plausible way of reading the result is that independent inventors were damaged, but their efforts were reallocated into firms, which improved by a result.

4. Buried lakes on Mars?

5. An actual scientific study of intermittent fasting suggests no real benefit and loss of muscle mass.

6. “With more of us than ever working from home during the coronavirus pandemic, there has been a spike in demand from employers for surveillance software. US-based Hubstaff says its number of UK customers is up four times year-on-year since February.”  Link here.


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