Blockchain Meets it QAnon

When Jesus spit biblical rhymes on the mount, he too talked about the marshmallow test in the form of two gates that one could go through in life. One gate was narrow and lead to a difficult path; the other gate was wide and lead to an easy path. Most people, according to Jesus, took the easy path which lead to their ruin (Matthew 7:13–14). There can be no question that taking back your sovereignty is the hard path, but you must remember the alternative is destruction. Those who procure Zcash shall be part of the kingdom of God in the post-fiat world. More importantly, those who remain shitcoin pagans or bitcoin Jews will risk burning in the eternal flames of the surveillance state.

Not by any means the craziest paragraph in Intolerant Zeal a jeremiad by blockchain’s QAnon, Sixteen Holder, that combines religious history, evolutionary psychology, and meat-eating with ZCash as the savior. Is it performance art? Advertising? A sign of our times?

In other news, the Devil Facebook’s Libra is hiring economists (I have done some consulting work for a competitor):

Novi is a Facebook subsidiary whose goal is to provide financial services for Libra, a new global currency powered by blockchain technology. The first product Novi will introduce is a digital wallet, which will be available in Messenger, WhatsApp and as a standalone app. The first version of Novi will support peer-to-peer payments and a few other ways to pay such as QR codes which small merchants can use to accept payments in Libra. Over time there will be many other use-cases for Novi including in-store payments, integrations into Point-of-Sale systems, and more. When launched, Novi will have strong fraud and privacy protections. The Novi digital wallet is expected to launch in 2020.

The Novi economics team is seeking exceptional candidates from all fields, with a special focus on applied microeconomics, development, macroeconomics, finance, and market design, to join our team. Individuals in this role are expected to have deep expertise and the ability to leverage economic theory into real-world, practical solutions for blockchain based problems. We encourage applicants from all levels of seniority to apply, including PhD holders with subsequent work experience.

Depending on background, economists in this role will initiate and execute projects around topics such as financial inclusion, the macroeconomic aspects of the Libra currency, the economics of digitization and cryptocurrency markets. Candidates should demonstrate a strong research background and the ability to disseminate findings clearly and succinctly. This job will involve both foundational product work and academic research centered around the Novi digital wallet and the Libra currency.

Research Scientist, Novi Economics (Blockchain) Responsibilities

• Drive economics-based product decisions and research agendas involving the Libra currency and the Novi wallet.
• Work closely with other teams, including product and engineering, to identify and answer economics-related questions.
• Communicate findings clearly and concisely to leadership and other stakeholders.
• Author novel economics research.

Minimum Qualifications

• PhD in economics or finance or 6+ years experience working in finance.
• Experience in a general purpose programming language such as knowledge in R or Python.


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