Monday assorted links

1. On the history and use of EUAs (NYT).

2. “…income dispersion created by a higher U.S. corporate tax rate offsets more than half of the distributional effects of reducing average returns to capital.

3. Sara Lowes on ethnographic and field data in economics.

4. Saez and Zucman respond to their critics in great detail.

5. The value of rapid self-testing for Covid-19.  Yes it works and the medical professionals and the FDA are wrong on this one.

6. Logistical problems with supplying monoclonal antibodies, important.  It is time to stop dumping on this treatment people, and get our act together.  Now.  Let’s not have another fiasco.  And a good NYT story on the whole topic, you can feel the media mood shifting toward the positive and away from the skeptical.

7. Can you even win at the Japanese crane game?  What else is like this?

8. The captain of Operation Warp Speed (WSJ).

9. How it enters your brain.  Or might.

10. A Fine Theorem on Milgrom and Wilson, recommended, note that Milgrom also does not have a Ph.D. in economics.


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