Saturday assorted links

1. Flying still seems pretty safe.

2. “Public opinion has softened its view on brutalism.

3. In case you had forgotten this ongoing story: “By Thursday evening’s fourth round the 29-year-old from Oslo had extended his world record unbeaten streak to 125 games, with his last defeat coming in July 2018.”

4. Which 21st century works will merit a close reading or rereading in 2050?  I tend to think virtually everything will be superseded, but I mean that as praise for what is to come, not pessimism about current work.

5. “As the upward trajectory of crime continues, the gulf between the rates of violence in Black and White communities widened by 106 percent in the nation’s largest cities.” (WaPo)

6. Further results on falling mortality rates and diminishing viral load.  The broad upshot is that diminishing viral load seems to be more important than we had thought, and a variety of other factors less important.


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