Friday assorted links

1. Jan Myrdal obituary.

2. All the good news in one place.  And my March column on the Progressive Left having peaked.

3. My 2016 post on the male nature of current populism, recommended.  And Peloton is now worth more than Ford.

4. “The movement [#MeToo] increased reporting of sexual crimes by 10% during its first six months.”  From Martin Mattsson, job market candidate from Yale.

5. Zeynep Tufekci on masks (NYT).  Very good piece.

6. “AR 70-28 required that Army aircraft had to be named after “Indian terms and names of American Indian tribes and chiefs.” It also directed that tanks would be named after American generals, infantry weapons “would receive names for famous early American pioneers,” and assault weapons would have “fearsome reptile and insect names,” according to the press release.”  Link here.


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