LaMelo Ball What Price Fame?

Ball, though, wasn’t content with just having been a solid player in Australia. Instead, he raised some eyebrows last spring when he attempted to buy his former team.

The talks eventually fizzled out.

It wasn’t a typical move for a teenager, but Ball isn’t a typical teenager. He has already lived on different continents, starred in his own reality show, worn his own signature sneaker and watched both of his brothers play professional basketball.

And at age 19, with only limited playing experience or credentials:

…he is already more famous than most professional athletes, with more Instagram followers than the majority of N.B.A. players. His highlights had been viewed by millions on social media before he was old enough to drive a car.

Of course the NCAA should pay its players.  This year it is possible that at least half of the top ten draft picks will have bypassed the NCAA altogether, Ball included.  Arbitrage!

Here is the NYT article.


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