Monday assorted links

1. That was then, this is now: Daniel Defoe vs. Covid-19.  And the pandemic has reduced affective polarization.

2. Interview with a retired PLA colonel about U.S.-China relations.

3. The rise of Platonic co-parenting?

4. You will not remain known for your contributions, a striking poll.  Not even Thomas Schelling.  That said, this is a potential source of comparative advantage for you.  If you are willing to give up traditional notions of “receiving credit,” often you can be far more effective.

5. Prominent British epidemiologist unable to answer basic questions about trade-offs (about ten minutes).  Embarrassing and indicative.

6. Russian holidays predict troll activity.  And the sauna crossbow Sausage King-killing culture that is Russia.

7. Lower-education people (lower status people?) feel more knee pain for a given ailment.


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