Monday assorted links

1. State capacity: Italian Police Use Lamborghini To Transport Donor Kidney 300 Miles In Two Hours.

2. St. Helena golf club.

3. This source argues there was no real foreign election interference.

4. “A fact that was never mentioned ahead of time. If we had reached complete suppression vaccine development would have been impossible. Depends, on the math but I think this means that *if* a vaccine is out there slow burn saves lives compared to suppression that eventually snaps”  From Karl Smith.

5. “Student loan debt forgiveness likely has a multiplier close to zero. Forgiveness is taxable. If this negative cash flow effect outweighs interest savings would even be net negative. And wealth effect small in short run. Arbitrary/regressive $1T for ~$0 GDP, not a great idea.”  From Jason Furman.

6. The new Swedish public events restrictions.


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